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We encourage a positive approach to dealing with situations that arise in school.  We have a Dojo system in operation which encourages good behaviour, work and attitude.  Children receive dojo points each day and at the end of the week the children with the most points for the week will receive a small prize.  In addition to this, our 'Special Mention Assembly' every Friday afternoon highlights the achievements of individuals and groups of children both in school and outside school.

"Handwriting or Presentation " award is given out every Friday.  One child from each class is awarded a certificate and a pencil.  

'Sports Stars of the Week' is given out every Friday. One child from each class is awarded the sports trophy and their picture and trophy is displayed for the following week in the little hall.

'Art Award' is given every half term to one child in each class who has improved their art skills for that half  term. They receive a certificate and a piece of their art work is displayed in the hall.

The ‘Golden Rules’ set out the expectations placed on the whole school family: work hard, be honest; listen to people; be gentle and respectful; be kind and helpful; look after property.  Children are rewarded for keeping the Golden Rules by enjoying Golden Time. 

We rely very much on working in partnership with parents in these matters.  If you have any concerns or 'good news' you want to share with us, please do so - and we will do the same.

Along with any reward system there must be sanctions.  As a result of this our children understand the boundaries and are aware of the consequences of their actions. Please see our Behaviour Policy.