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Attendance policy

Please see the attached attendance policy.


We rely on parents to help us have the best start to our day.  We think school attendance and punctuality are very important.

Should a child need to have time off school or is late, parents can let us know the reason in writing, by leaving a message on the answer machine or by sending a text to our texting service.  We are required by law to explain all absences from school.  We request that children are not taken out of school for holidays.

Holidays during term time will not be authorised.  Anyone taking holidays during term time may be subject to the Education Welfare Service becoming involved and Education Penalty Notices may be issued.

See the attached 'Leave of Absence Request Form' guide.

Medicines in school

Parents are asked to inform us if a child is on a course of medication as we are happy to administer medicines in these circumstances. If your child requires three doses of medication this should be fitted in around school hours.


All medicines must be handed into, and collected from, the school office by an adult and the appropriate form will need to be completed.

Complaints procedure

The majority of concerns expressed by parents are dealt with on an informal basis within the school itself. Only when this avenue is exhausted would the complaints procedure established by the Local Authority come into effect.

The full details of the Complaints Procedure, including the scope of the arrangements and the rights and roles of all concerned, the role of the Governing Body, the Local Authority and the Secretary of State are available from school or visit Complaints Procedure page of our website.

All complaints will be taken seriously and treated with care and sensitivity.