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School Building Fund

Funding of Our Catholic Schools
Our Catholic schools are Voluntary Aided or Academies and most income is derived from public funds. However, in return for the right to promote the
Catholic Faith in our schools, 10% of the cost of building works and major repairs in our Voluntary Aided schools and the costs of managing repairs and improvements to all our school buildings must be met by the Diocese.

Why was the SchoolsBuilding Fund set up?
The 10% cost of building schools and other major building repairs and improvements used to be met from the regular giving made at Mass by parishioners of the Parish (or Parishes) connected to the school. This was often giving by those who could least afford it. Today, building works are still needed as we strive to continually improve our schools to provide the best teaching and learning environment for your children. However, Mass attendance has fallen in recent times, and the burden of the 10% cost could no longer be met by Parishes. In response to this the Schools Building
Fund was set up by the Diocese in 2000, in order to meet the 10% cost of building works and the development of building programmes in our schools.

How can you help?
All parents with Children attending a school in the Diocese are asked to make a voluntary contribution to the Schools Building Fund. See below for more details. 

The suggested voluntary contribution is £15 per child (as little as 29p per child per week!) However, you are free to give more or less than this figure – your child will not be treated any differently.

If you wish to donate direct to the school, please let the school office know and they will provide you with a form. Alternatively, you can donate online.