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Religious Life of our School

Meeting each child's academic needs is just part of the role of our school. We also help to develop children as individuals who understand Christian values.

We want every child to be happy, fulfilled and confident. We ensure that when they are in our care, they are taught in a caring, disciplined environment with Faith as the focus of their actions.

We want every child to excel, and we encourage excellence in everything our school undertakes.

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We want children to enjoy religion. Religious Education is taught through 'The Way, The Truth and The Life' scheme through which they get to understand the values of Christianity and other faiths by talking about their own experiences.

We actively celebrate the liturgical seasons and feast days through Penitential, Advent and Lenten services. Children, along with all members of the school community can pray together on a voluntary basis. The Eucharist is regularly celebrated both in school and at St. Ambrose Church.


St Ambrose Church, Adswood


Our Lady's Parish in conjunction with St Ambrose and St Vincent's Parish are having a mission
weekend on March 10th to 12th facilitated by the Sion community.
Fr Martin is keen to involve our Catholic schools and would like our school to come up with their
own prayer for the Mission to be said by the pupils and staff for the success of the mission. 

Please visit the Parish Website newsletter for further details

St Ambrose as a school have created a Mission Prayer

Lord Jesus, We love and adore you,

You’re a special friend to us.

Welcome, Lord Jesus, O welcome.

Thank you for coming to us.


Thank you, Lord Jesus O thank you,

For giving yourself to us.

Make us strong to show your love

Wherever we may be.


Be close by us Lord Jesus, we ask you to stay,

In our heart and forgive us as we pray.

Bless all the children in your loving care,

And keep them safe, loved and valued with you there.


We’re ready now, Lord Jesus,

To show how much we care.

We’re ready now to give your love,

At home and everywhere.





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We are currently using the "Jesse Tree" to celebrate Advent. Visit The Collective Worship 

What is a Jesse Tree?

A Jesse Tree is a bit like an Advent calendar, but using a daily Bible story about someone in Jesus’ family tree to help us prepare spiritually as we move towards Christmas.

It’s called a Jesse Tree, because Jesus is a descendant of King David, son of Jesse. The prophet Isaiah said,

"A shoot will grow from the stock of Jesse."

Isaiah 11: 1

Through our Baptism, we are part of Jesus’s family, so this is our family tree too!

Every Bible story in the Jesse Tree has a symbol to go with it to help people focus as they learn about Jesus’ ancestors, while listening to the stories. Each day these symbols are hung on a tree – a Jesse Tree. The tree progressively being decorated throughout Advent mirrors the meaning behind the collection of stories told: that God was preparing the world to meet Jesus for a long, long time!