St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

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Meals and Snacks

All children can have a mid-day meal or bring a packed lunch. School dinners are cooked on site daily and provide a varied selection of dishes with a healthy eating programme. Sample menus are available on request. Those families who are on income support need to claim from the Town Hall for free school meals.

St Ambrose is part of the Healthy School Scheme and one of our targets is healthy eating at morning breaktime. For this reason, during morning breaktime snacks are limited to milk, toast and fruit.

The Healthy School Scheme is a national initiative aimed at encouraging healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle and we follow these guidelines in school.


As part of this initiative, the school is provided with free fruit for all Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. This fruit is distributed daily to the children and any spare is sent to the juniors to stop waste.

We take our responsibilities for increasing awareness of health issues very seriously and rely on the support of parents in this.


School Meals

Click here to view the menu for the first half term.

Week 1 is week ending 4th September

Week 2 is week ending 11th September


Click here for a letter from SK Solutions regarding School meals - this will reassure parents regarding the horsemeat issue.



Cool Milk

Milk is available for the children from Cool Milk.  This can be ordered directly from Cool Milk by clicking here.

Toast money

Toast money for the next half term is £.5.40  The last day for payment will be Wednesday 21st October.   In the past we have taken payment on the last day of term but we will not be doing that this time as it would mean money having to remain in the school safe over the half-term holiday.  

We are unable to accept any payment that is not in an envelope with your child’s name on it and change will not be given. Please make sure you get a receipt as proof of payment.



In addition, children can bring still water in a 500ml plastic bottle with a sports cap into school.  They are able to drink this in class as it aids concentration and counters the effects of dehydration which affects learning.


You may be aware that the Government has announced that, from September 2014, funding will be provided to enable schools to offer a free lunch to every infant age child (reception, year 1 and year 2)


Pilot projects have found that universal free school meals can have significant benefits both for individual children and for the broader life of the school.


Stockport Council fully supports the initiative and encourages families to take up the free lunch offer which will provide the children of Stockport with a healthy and nutritious meal.