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Special Educational Needs

It is estimated that one in five children will experience learning difficulties at some stage in their school life. 

A child’s Special Educational Needs can be identified in various forms, these being learning, behaviour, social/emotional and physical. We look after the needs of all our children. We identify children with special needs as soon as possible in order to give them the best opportunity to develop to their potential. Through setting work matched to a child's ability many difficulties can be overcome.

Parents are involved from the outset of any special needs programme and regular contact is made throughout its duration.

If extra support is needed help is given by the ‘Learning Support Service’. Should the need arise; a Statement of Special Educational Need is sought, to ensure the child is supported appropriately in school and by Stockport Education Authority. 

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SEN Needs Statement

In EYFS and KS1, the majority of SEN need lies within the area of Speech and Language.

The staff are trained to use a variety of intervention strategies and programs with these identified children.

There are a number of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are supported by a caring and knowledgeable teaching staff. Staff have all been trained to teach children with Autism and update their skills on a regular basis.  Our inclusive vision means that we tailor programmes of work as needed to accommodate individual needs. Children are supported by Learning Support Assistants but are encouraged to work independently where possible and to join in with the rest of the class as appropriate.

The majority of children with SEN have moderate learning difficulties, with some dyslexic features.

Staff use Dyslexia friendly strategies where appropriate, including:

  • kinaesthetic learning opportunities and a range of activities to suit different learning styles
  • coloured whiteboard background for contrast or coloured overlays
  • differentiated phonics and spelling lessons across the key stages
  • reduced whiteboard reliance/larger print copies
  • the use of scribes/ICT where appropriate

Regular meetings take place with the Teaching staff and senior leaders to evaluate the intervention programmes. These tailored programs ensure the children with additional needs make progress from their starting points. A list of some of the interventions offered in school can be found on the school offer on our website, under SEN.

We have two staff currently being trained on Stockport’s Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit.  This training will be completed in Autumn 2018 and will be able to further support children with emotional needs.

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