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EPEC are looking to recruit parents to train to become Parent Group Leaders (PGLs) and deliver future courses in the community. 

It is a big commitment –  parents will need to attend 1 day per week for 10 weeks training, term time only, which will start Friday 24th January at Brinnington Start Well Hub. (crèche provided and reimbursement of travel costs).  Parent Group Leaders (PGLs) are provided with robust supervision arrangements to maintain quality standards and ensure safeguarding remains paramount.

In order for parents to do the Parent Group Leader (PGL) training, ideally they must have attended the ‘Being a Parent’ course. However, if you feel you have local parents with the necessary skills and confidence, please let us know in order for contact to be made where further assessment can take place. 

What is the Parent Group Leader (PGL) training course?

The Parent Group Leader (PGL) training is delivered over 10 weeks, 1 day per week with crèche facilities.

Topics include:

-        Being good enough

-        Developing group agreements

-        Play and special time

-        Reflective listening and communication skills

-        Feelings

-        Discipline Strategies

-        Understanding children’s behaviour

-        Group facilitation practice skills

-        Safeguarding

-        Equal Opportunities

-       Learning Styles

If you have any parents / volunteers / parent governors who meet criteria and are interested please pass on the flyer attached and someone will make contact with them. They do need have a level of academic ability as some of the course involves reading from a manual.

What's on Adswood and Bridgehall

Please see below for a guide to groups and activities taking place in Adswood and Bridgehall for children, parents and young people.

Operation Eagle Eye

Stockport Council have launched Operation Eagle Eye.

Operation Eagle Eye is a high visibility educational initiative. Working with officers, groups of pupils help to monitor traffic around their school and support enforcement of offences such as:

  • Speed: Encouraging drivers to slow down
  • Mobile Phones: Ensuring drivers switch off their phones or hand held devices before turning on their engines
  • Failure to wear seat belts: Reminding drivers that not wearing a seatbelt can be fatal even on short, familiar journeys and at low speeds
  • Illegal parking: Encouraging drivers to park legally, considerately and safely

Join your friends and neighbours and sign up to Operation Eagle Eye’s four safer driving commandments – it will mean fewer and less serious accidents on Stockport’s roads. 

Click here to sign The Pledge.