St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus

Year 4 Home Learning

All home learning will be set on See Saw.   English, Maths and RE will be set daily.  Please get in touch with Mrs Garrett if you need to have the password sent out to you.  

Class Mission Statement

Vision Statement

We at St Ambrose School will grow in the love and service of  Jesus and fulfil our potential within a community where everyone is valued.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement is for all St Ambrose community

young and old, and is the foundation of the school’s purpose.

 St Ambrose School is a safe and secure environment where everyone gets the best education.

Everyone in our community works and plays together as part of the St Ambrose family.

The children and teachers work hard together and always respect each other.

We love to celebrate our successes in everything we do.

We show love, care and respect to everyone.

We are kind and we help each other to learn about our Catholic faith and Jesus.

Our school helps us to become responsible and independent which helps us to be confident learners. 

At St Ambrose, there are no limits to our dreams and aspirations.


Year 4

Our homework for this half term is:

Please learn your Year 3 / 4 spellings.

Children need to know their times tables up to 12 x 12.  




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