St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus

Year 3 have produced a video that introduces the children to their teachers and shows what will be happening next year in the classroom. We look forward to seeing you in September!


Welcome to Year 2!

The link below will give you all the information you need regarding SATS.  

Click here to view the video.


Ideas to support your Year 2 child- Resource free

  • Read every day. Ask retrieval questions about the text, this is where the information can be found in the text.
  • Write a diary of your week of home schooling
  • Practise 2x, 5x and 10x tables.
  • Go back through your spelling book and write sentences with these words in.
  • Encourage division- by using the sharing method practically. If it is 10 divided by 5. Have 5 groups and divide the 10 objects between them, and then look at how many is in one?
  • Go on a shape hunt for 3D shapes around the house. You could extend this by building something out of 3D shapes.
  • Write a character description- describing your favourite character from a book or film.

I have attached a file of little projects here for you to complete as many as you can.



Class Mission Statement

Year 2’s Mission Statement 

  • We learn at St Ambrose in a safe environment, following a catholic education.

  • We enjoy going to our beautiful church..

  • We always try our best, so that we can learn more.

  • We like to celebrate when we do something that is very good.

  • We show respect to others and we are fantastic friends.

  • We are all happy to come to school and work independently.

  • We work hard so that we can achieve our dreams.

Remember to keep reading as much as you can! See if you can complete this reading challenge. I would love to see pictures of the books or texts that you have read.