St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus


Welcome to Reception.

This half term we are learning:


This term our theme in RE is ‘God's Wonderful World. '  

 This half term the children will hear all about  the beautiful world God has made for us and how we can take care of  it. The children will  reflect on God's love for us and  how each of us is special and unique. Additionally, we will  discuss how we can thank God for the world we live in.                           

Our topic this half-term will be"Marvelous Me"’ (all about me).

Our focus books this term are:

  • Funny Bones
  • The Smartest Giant in Town
  • I love my Mummy/ Daddy.

 In Math's we shall be:

  • Counting groups of objects to 20.
  • Recognising  numbers 1- 20.
  • Ordering Numbers 1-20.
  • Using simple measurement.
  • Naming and sorting 2D shapes. 

 In Language and Literacy we shall:

  • Hearing and saying initial sounds in words.
  • Identifying and naming initial sounds.
  • Begin to blend sounds together to read simple words.
  • Practise writing our names correctly.
  • Tracing over letters and writing patterns to improve our pencil control and handwriting.
  • Listening to a variety of stories and poems about our topic.

 In other areas we shall be:

  • Exploring different textures using a feely box.
  • Paint self portraits.
  • Draw symmetry pictures using our photographs,
  • Creating autumn collages.
  • Tasting and smelling our favourite foods.
  • Making noisy/quiet shakers.
  • Making plaster prints of our hands. 
  • Creating cotton bud skeletons.

Our homework for this half term is

You can support your child at home by continuing to read their sound books and reading books and also by completing their ‘Talk Homework’ at the weekend.


Reception PE is timetabled on Thursday 

Please ensure your child's PE kit is in school on the above day.

PE kit is white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps / trainers.  During the winter, children may wear black or blue jogging bottoms.

Class Mission Statement


Reception Class Mission Statement

  • We listen to Father Geoff talk about Jesus and Mary and God.
  • We learn about our world.
  • We have fun.
  • We help each other.
  • We look after our friends and are kind to everybody. pary