St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus



Our Class Mission Statement 

We learn about God, Jesus and their family.

We are all part of God's family.

We know that we are part of the St. Ambrose family.

We try our very best so we can learn.

We are kind and caring just like Jesus. 

This half term we are learning:


Our topic this half term is 'Marvellous Me’

Our focus books will be:

Funny Bones

My 5 Senses

What makes me me?

You Choose

I Love My Mummy / I Love My Daddy

My Mum / My Dad


We will be learning about:

  • What makes us unique: what we look like and our emotions.
  • Similarities and differences between one another 
  • Our likes and dislikes: foods, toys, activities.
  • Our five senses
  • People who are special to us  
  • How we change over time, growing up
  • Songs and rhymes about us: 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'; 'If You're Happy and You Know it'; ! Finger 1 Thumb' 

In Maths we shall:

  • Begin to use the language of position: on, in, under, below, next to
  • Count to 5 and 10: singing number songs such as '5 Little Ducks'; '10 Green Bottles' and '5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer'

  • Counting out objects: counting steps, number of jumps or cars that drive passed  
  • Ordering and grouping objects according to shape, size, colour
  • Make arrangements with shape: jigsaw puzzles, collage pictures  

There are lots of Early Years Maths game on the Topmarks website below:


In Language and Literacy we shall:

  • Sing a range of Nursery Rhymes: 
  • Make marks - exploring writing and drawing with pens / pencils / paint, forming shapes like the ones shown below:


  • Pretend play: acting as Mum or Dad when playing / pretending something is another object (a stone could be bread).  
  • Listen to sounds in the environment: when out for walks listening to the birds, cars and recognising what makes these sounds   

There are also sound games you can play with your children on the BBC website below:


RE: Our topic this half term is ‘God’s Wonderful World’. We will be learning about:

  • God made us
  • God gave us animals to look after
  • God loves us
  • How we can look after Gods world

 Tapestry is coming soon...

Tapestry allows you to see what your child is doing at school. We will have focus children every week and post observations of them on the app for you to see.

You should have received a letter about the app, please return it as soon as possible and we can set you up with a login and password.

This will also allow you to post observations of your child and things they have achieved at home. 

 Our homework for this half term is:

We will be sending home the children's Talk Books every Friday, from the 20th September.

This is so you can discuss the coming week's topic. Our weekly topics will be:

Week Beginning: 

23rd September: Our 5 senses- What can our bodies do?

30th September: Our preferences- What do I like and dislike?

7th October: The people who are important to me -Who is in my family?

14th October: Babies and how they change- How have we changed over time?

 For more information on what your children will be learning this year, please look at the Development Matters Framework. Link below:


Coming soon...