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St. Ambrose community sees the value of homework at all stages of a child's education.

Homework is any work or activities which pupils are asked to do outside lesson time, either on their own or with parents or carers. 

Guidelines for the amount of homework are followed. 

However, the precise amount of time spent on homework is less important than the quality of the tasks set and the way they are planned to support learning.

Infant and Lower Junior children should be heard to read every evening.  Parents are asked to help develop a love of books in their children. 

All Infant and Lower Junior children have a special Reading Record Book, which is an important means of communication between the teacher and parents. 

Any additional work at home that supports a child's work is helpful.

As children prepare for secondary education there is a place for more work at home.

We encourage set times for reading at home, research into topics using libraries and the internet, and the learning of tables and spellings in addition to more formal set homework. 

Children may be asked to finish certain tasks at home. 

If you require any suggestions or guidelines for your child please contact the class teacher.