St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

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Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint you are asked to follow the procedure outlined below.

1.         Make an appointment with the class teacher to discuss your worry.

2.         If you are not satisfied make an appointment to consult the Headteacher.

3.         If you are still not satisfied, please approach the Headteacher again and emphasise clearly your

            complaint and that you are still dissatisfied and put your complaint in writing. 

4.         If you are still not satisfied you can make your complaint formally to the Governing Body.

5.         In theory you could then write to the Secretary of State for Education for help in solving the problem.

At St. Ambrose School we pride ourselves on our partnership with parents so we hope it is unlikely that anyone would find a complaint not satisfactorily dealt with in the early stages.  If you do have a problem please bring it to our attention before it grows into a major concern.