St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

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The New Curriculum

Welcome to the Learning Challenge

The children at Saint Ambrose have now embarked on the new National Curriculum. We have adopted ‘The Learning Challenge’ as a way to implement the new curriculum which will suit our children. It is a way of approaching a series of cross curricular lessons which capture the interests of the children and makes learning relevant to them.

The Learning Challenge concept is built around the principle of greater learner involvement in their work resulting in a meaningful curriculum which promotes high standards. (Focus Education)

‘The Learning Challenge’ is a series of themes for each year group, adjusted to suit the children and our area. It is a question based approach to learning which allows children to suggest questions they would use to begin to dive deeper into each theme. This gives the children ownership of their learning.

In order for children to know about their locality, community and heritage, some of the Learning Challenges are very specific to Stockport. We make use of the local area and local people to bring the learning alive.

At the end of each Learning Challenge, children celebrate the learning journey they have been on and are given the opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt. These reflections are a way for the children to look at:-

  •        what they wanted to learn at the start of the challenge,
  •        ask have they learnt what they wanted to know and
  •        how have they learnt what they now know.
  •        It also gives the teachers the opportunity to ensure the children understand what they have                been taught and the depth of their understanding.

 At the end of each Learning Challenge the children are given the opportunity to reflect on their learning in a variety of different ways such as

  •        Making a booklet
  •        Talking to another class or Senior Leadership Team
  •        Making a presentation
  •        Filming
  •        Podcast/ radio broadcast

Basic Skills

Strong emphasis is placed on the development of basic skills – skills that are necessary for life-long learning. Each year group has a set of ‘non-negotiable’ basic skills that are taught and expected to be applied in the core subjects of Maths and English. EYFS/KS1 have daily phonics lessons. KS2 will continue with phonics lessons until they are secure in their knowledge.

The following pages will show you the expectations for each year group and the non negotiable things they must know by the end of each year.