St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus

Parent Partnership

Parents will always be the greatest influence in the lives of their children. Within school we welcome parental involvement and encourage all parents to take an active part in the life of our school.

We keep parents informed about events taking place within the school. The school newsletter 'News from St. Ambrose' is published every second Monday and distributed to every family in the school. It is also available on the website.

Reporting to Parents

Within the first term of each academic year parents are invited into school to a workshop focussing on the targets for the year.  This is known as "Supporting Our Children's Knowledge" (S. O. C. K).  There will be an opportunity to ask questions and look at the children's books and the progress that they have made.  It also gives parents the chance to become familiar with the curriculum organisation and content for the year. 

In the Spring Term there is a further opportunity for parents to discuss with teachers their children's individual progress. 

In the Summer Term parents receive a written report and there is also the opportunity to meet with teachers, if this is felt to be appropriate. 

These are the formal meetings planned for the school year, but there is an on-going invitation to parents to come into school.

Teachers are happy to talk to parents if there are any concerns or any good news to share.  Please pop into school and arrange a mutually convenient time to talk to your child's teacher. 

Mrs Hilton is also available at the beginning and end of the day to talk to you about any concerns. Alternatively an appointment can be made at any time.

Parent Volunteers

Many parents offer special skills in the classroom or around school.  We particularly welcome offers of help from those who can give their time on a fairly regular basis.