St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

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Fatou Bexai sent us a picture that she had drawn of her house

The National Anthem, which is sung in assembly

Praying outside the Mosque at the festival of Tobaski

This year St Ambrose has entered into a twinning project with a school in Gambia; Sanchaba Suley Lower Basic School.

We made our link through the British Council and we have a shared project site on which we post photographs and information.

They sent us their photos too.

Our first project was titled “A view from our window” although it soon grew to cover much more than this!

We sent them pictures of the snow and our Christmas celebrations; they sent us pictures and information about Tobaski, their major festival.

Most year groups have had time to find out about Africa and Gambia for a half term.

We have looked at the climate and weather, swopped drawings of our houses, sent a questionnaire to ask them about their lives and country and Year 4 sent A4 postcards to them with a map and information about some of the major landmarks in Stockport.

The link is giving us a greater understanding of the wider world and lives very different from our own.

Please ask your children what work they have done about our partner country.

Year six children doing group work