St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

This half term we are learning:


Measurement : Time

  • Months and years
  • Hours in a day
  • Telling time to 5 minutes
  • Telling time to the minute


  • Unit fractions (e.g. ½, ¼ etc.)
  • Non-unit fractions (e.g. ¾, )
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Tenths as decimals


Narrative story settings

  • Exploring "Jamil's Clever Cat," a folk tale from Bengal
  • Creating and developing descriptive settings
  • Editing and improving our writing using more complex sentences


Celebrating Easter and Pentecost

  • Know the story of Emmaus and make links between this and how Jesus is present today
  • Retell the story of Doubting Thomas
  • Retell the story of Pentecost and make links between this and beliefs about the Holy Spirit

Sacramental Programme

  • Preparation for first Holy Communion following the Called to his Supper workbooks - Please pray for our 7 candidates as they prepare to receive the Eucharist for the first time next half term.

Other World Faiths

  • Sikhism - (Week 5) - explore some artefacts and learn about some Sikh traditions and celebrations

Other Subjects:

  • Science : Plants
  • Geography : Compass points and map work
  • Computing: We are Network Engineers
  • Art: improving mastery of painting techniques
  • French : Food
  • Music : Pentatonic scales
  • D&T: Cooking healthy Indian food - linked to our Literacy work
  • SRE : God the Creator - The reproduction process of a flower

Class Mission Statement

Children’s understanding of the revised Mission Statement 2018, in Year 3’s words:

  • The staff and teachers care for you and everybody is safe in school.
  • The people of the community pray together.
  • The children get help from the teachers and we all work hard to get better.
  • People are proud and communicate praise with special assembly, stickers, dojos and stamps.
  • We make friends, respect and love everyone.
  • We are kind and we help each other to learn about the church.
  • Teachers help kids in a happy way to think for themselves and smile.
  • Teachers give children the courage to be kind and happy people who love each other, build friendships and help others.


Our homework for this half term is:

Spellings are written in Spelling books on Tuesday and tested the following Tuesday.

Maths homework will be the practising of times tables, learning facts or work to consolidate the topics covered in class.


Year 3 PE is timetabled on Friday morning.  This half term we will be doing swimming.

Boys need swimming trunks (not long shorts) and don't forget a towel. 

Girls need a one piece swimming costume, swimming cap and don't forget a towel.


Other Information

In PSHE & Citizenship, we have been learning about how to bring the bees back, planting bee-friendly flowers in our school garden and thinking about preserving our environment for future generations.

Last half term, we welcomed the author, Chris Duke into school to talk to us about his book, "Lucy's Blue Day." We will be exploring the thoughts and feelings dealt with in the book and continuing to develop mindfulness techniques to improve our mental health and wellbeing.