St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus


Welcome to Nursery.

This half term we are learning:

Our topic is 'People Who Help Us'

 We will be learning about:

  • The different services who help us such as the police, fire fighters, doctors and nurses and life guards
  • Creating models of different emergency service vehicles
  • Thinking of questions to ask our visitor (police officer and doctor)
  • Programming BeeBots in ICT
  • The different vehicles and tools which some services use to help us
  • Songs and rhymes about people who help us
  • Role playing emergency situations

In Maths we shall: 

  • Ordering and recognising numbers
  • Solving problems
  • Begin to use the language of position
  • Begin to use language of size
  • Begin to recognise 2D shapes

In language and Literacy we shall:

  • Continue to hear a wide range of stories
  • Continue singing a range or Nursery Rhymes
  • Give meaning to marks made
  • Continue to develop fine motor skills
  • Continuing listening to sounds in the environment 
  • Act out emergency situations
  • Create our own collaborative stories

RE: Our topic this half term is Good Friends. We will be learning about:

  • Jesus's disciples 
  • Who our friends are and why  
  • What makes a good friend  
  • How we can help others 


Our homework for this half term is:

We will be sending home the children's Talk Books every Friday so you can discuss the coming week's topic. 


Nursery PE is timetabled on a Tuesday morning. 

A kit is not needed in Nursery, they will take off their shoes and socks. 



Class Mission Statement 

  • We learn about God, Jesus and their family.
  • We are all part of God's family.
  • We know that we are part of the St. Ambrose Church.
  • We try our very best so we can learn.
  • We are kind and caring just like Jesus.