St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus

Year 4

Class Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The children of St Ambrose will grow and learn, following in Jesus’ footsteps and love everyone in our community.


Mission Statement

The mission statement is for everyone who is part of St Ambrose Catholic Primary School.


St Ambrose gives a special Catholic education for all in its safe and protected school.

We all try our best to do the best possible work.

As part of the family of St Ambrose, we work well as a team and are kind to each other in our neighbourhood.

We celebrate success in assembly together and work together as good classmates.

In our school, we are kind, loving and helpful and follow the school rules.

We share our love and faith and share our Holy Communion as a family and on our journey with God.

The teachers help all the children to take extra steps and love learning.

The teachers help us to learn and achieve our dreams.

Welcome to Year 4.

This half term we are learning:

Maths: Decimals, Money and Time.

  • Comparing and ordering decimals
  • Rounding decimals
  • Ordering money and solving problems
  • Converting between hours, minutes, seconds 

English: Performance Poetry and Portal Stories

  • Analysing poems and creating our own
  • Performing in front of the class
  • Portal stories
  • Developing settings

RE: The Early Christians

  • Jesus appearing to the disciples
  • Pentecost
  • Stephen and Saul

Other Subjects:

  • Science: Teeth and the digestive system
  • Geography: Rivers and the water cycle
  • Computing: Fake News
  • Art: Creating 3D models 

Our homework for this half term is:

To continue to practise our times tables and Year 4 spellings.

Additional spellings will be sent out on a Monday which will be tested the following Monday.


Year 4 PE is timetabled on Tuesday. This half term we will be doing Gymnastics.

Please ensure your child's PE kit is in school on the above day.

PE kit is white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps / trainers.  During the winter, children may wear black or blue jogging bottoms.


Elf Road

This half term, we are looking at portal stories and have been using Elf Road to gain ideas before we write our own story. Here is a copy of our story map which helps us to learn the sequencing of a portal story. 

Lucy's Blue Day

On the 28th March, we had a very special visitor come to school and share their new book. Chris Duke came in and read his book - Lucy's Blue Day and we spoke about the importance of understanding our feelings. We all learnt an important message that sometimes,  #itsoknottobeok. We had the chance to ask Chris questions and it even inspired some of us to write our own books.

World Book Day!

We had an amazing day on Thursday 7th March celebrating World Book Day.

We took part in lots of exciting activities, including a whole school story, hot chocolate and a debate as to whether the wolf, in The Three Little Pigs, was innocent or guilty. Have a look at our pictures below!