St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

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Dinosaur Day

The children in year 2 arrived at school to find the classroom had been invaded by dinosaurs! In the middle of the classroom there was a huge dinosaur footprint!

The children spent the day exploring different activities which were at the tables. 

They were able to watch the ice melt and they tried to free the dinosaurs. 

In the sand the children found dinosaurs and small stones, they used brushes to dust off the sand. 

The role play area has been turned into a dinosaur museum; lots of imaginative play took place. 

The children were able to observe closely the rocks and stones. 

With the clay we made our own dinosaur fossils which we then put into the museum. 

At the drawing tables they created their own dinosaurs using shapes. 

They had black paper and chalk to create their own dinosaur skeletons. 

They also made masks which we then put into the museum. 

In the book corner there were lots of books about dinosaurs which the children could share with one another. 

Finally they enjoyed using the small world table.

Below are some photos to show what the children did on Dinosaur Day!