St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

Grow through the love of Jesus

We are a happy team at St. Ambrose, and the children in our care have a super relationship with all our staff.

Everyone’s contribution is valued, the teachers, the caretaker, cleaners and dinner staff. We all work together to make St. Ambrose is a happy environment where children feel safe and secure.

Our Headteacher                                                             Mrs H Hilton


Her Staff for the 2018-19 school year:

Deputy Headteacher                                                      Mrs B Knight

Nursery                                                                          Miss E Slack

Reception                                                                       Mrs A M Edwards

Year 1                                                                             Miss L Ward

Year 2                                                                             Miss G Kerr

Year 3 Monday - Wednesday                                          Mrs E Loughran

Year 3 Wednesday - Friday                                             Ms H Dart

Year 4                                                                             Miss E Angrisani

Year 5                                                                             Mrs H Rainer

Year 6                                                                             Mrs T Lawson

PPA Teacher                                                                   Miss C Brown 


Teaching Assistants:

Miss Beech                     Nursery                                               

Mrs S Allman                  Reception HLTA                                

Mrs J Farrow        

Mrs J Laing          

Mrs L Riley          

Mrs H Connor      

Mr C Manifold     

Mrs H Toner        

Mr J Price            

Mrs N Hachemi   

Mr T Concannon 

Breakfast Club

Mrs S Martins

Miss C Manifold

School Business Manager:  Mrs M Garratt


Administration Officer:       Mrs T Torkington-Doughty


Learning Mentor:                 Mrs C Conley


Caretaker:                             Mr P McCormick


Kitchen Staff:                                                         

Mrs C Bowden

Mrs E Woods


Lunchtime organisers:                                

Mrs J Farrow              Supervisor

Ms H Parker

Ms E Woodward

Mrs L Riley

Mrs H Toner

Mrs S Martins

Mrs T Torkington-Doughty